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Butoh Foundations : Open Rehearsal

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Photo by Stephen Miller

Coming in 2014

New Work by Meshi Chavez

"One day, Yanguan called to his assistant,

'Bring me the rhinoceros fan.' The assistant said, 'It is broken.'

Yanguan said, 'In that case,

bring me the


Rhinoceros - a Butoh Performance

Rhinoceros is an amalgamation of ancient Zen riddles, Butoh dance, and the profound notion of the ordinary. It explores the inconceivable as a platform for creativity. Rhinoceros surprises as it unfolds moving audience from the familiar/known to the spring board of the Unknown.  

Choreographer Meshi Chavez

Music Performed Live by Lisa DeGrace, Adrian Hutapea, 

Dancers: Meshi Chavez, Rene Smith, Stephanie Lanckton, Teresa Vanderkin

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Butoh Foundations in November through December

In the months of November and December you are invited to join in the process of the "Being Moved" workshop. 10 dancers have been chosen to participate in "Being Moved" a performance workshop by Meshi Chavez. We will be spending Monday nights refining performance skills while exploring the themes of "Being Moved". This is a rare chance to experience the process in which Choreographer Meshi Chavez creates work. Come, dance, explore and see what unfolds with in you. No previous experience is needed. 

Eight dancers were chosen to embark on a journey of self inquiry, transformation and creation.

“Being Moved” is the result of a 9 week performance workshop created by nationally touring local choreographer Meshi Chavez, the result is two weekends of dance; unveiling the solos that emerged from this process.

In addition to the solos a special performance "Tears of the Night Butterfly" by Meshi Chavez will be showcased each evening.

Choreography: Meshi Chavez.

Dancers: Renee Smith, Joe McLaughlin, Maya Victorine, Chris Larsen, Teresa Vanderkin, Sara Small, Kaija Magee and Beverly Guttag.

Original music created and performed by: Lisa DeGrace, Adrian Hutapea and Roland Toledo.

Location:  The Headwaters Theater

55 NE Farragut St. #9 Portland, Oregon

Dates:  January 3rd, 4th, 10th & 11th.

Time:  7:30pm

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Or call the reservation line (971) 258-0748